Traffic! UGH! It seems that in every state that I have lived in it’s the same thing. “People in (fill in the state name here) don’t knbow how to drive!” Don’t get me started on […]

94.5 KOOL FM–01/10/2014

(Photo by KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images)

Gas Pedal Stuck…Driving Over 100mph!

Can you imagine driving your car and watching your speed go up, up, up to over 100 mph…WITHOUT even touching the accelerator?  That’s what happened to a Missouri woman this month.  Her foot was OFF […]


The Top Four Tips for Getting Out of a Ticket

Just about everyone has gotten a parking ticket or a speeding ticket at some point.  So “Men’s Health” talked to experts and came up with a guide to help you get out of your NEXT […]


Police Looking For Speeders…At Sky Harbor!

And they are a little harder to spot than they are outside of the Airport.  The man wearing sunglasses, a hat and neon vest near Terminal 2 at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport looked like he […]


Feel The Need For Speed?

$25 could get you 90 miles per hour!  That is if one Nevada politician has his way.  His name is Gino.  And, he thinks if people would pay a fee to speed, it would take […]