apollo moon mission

Apollo 11 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Wants You to Go to Mars

SPOILER ALERT: The trip to Mars Aldrin is advocating is one way.



Water Bubble in Space

NASA recently post this AMAZING video of Astronauts building a beautiful Water Bubble while up in space.  Due to the zero gravity the water just kind of floats there, and then they do the ultimate […]



A Giant Meteor Landed in Russia . . . and the Video Is Amazing

A huge meteor landed in Russia earlier this morning . . . and you have to check out the videos online. It happened in the Ural Mountains region of Western Russia, and the videos show […]

94.5 KOOL FM–02/15/2013

Tom and Maria with retired U.S. Astronaut Bill Gregory (KOOL photo)

[Video] Tom and Maria Interview Retired U.S. Astronaut Bill Gregory

[photogallerylink id=77038 align=left] On this Fair Food Friday, Tom and Maria had the opportunity to interview retired U.S. Astronaut Bill Gregory. Watch it next.


Space, The Final Fronteer. Coolest “Space” Website Ever!

Whether you want to study the solar system or take a closer look at the Sun, you won’t be able to stop playing with Forget about working today and check it out. It’s a […]