Anderson Cooper: Shirtless

The internet is on fire today as topless photos of Scarlett Johansson were leaked.  Obviously, I can’t post those here.  But, what I CAN do is post a topless video of Anderson Cooper!  Sorry, guys.  […]


No Star For Snooki? TOO BAD!

As I understand it, getting a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame isn’t that difficult.  Sure, there are a set of rules and a “selection committee.”  But, as with most things in our world, […]


Snooki Worth MORE Than Nobel Prize Winner?

She starred on Jersey Shore.  She won at Wrestlemania this weekend.  But, can Snooki actually SPEAK…coherently?  Rutgers University seems to think so, as  they paid her $32,000 last week to do just that!  A Nobel Prize […]


Ammunition For A Raise

Have you been contemplating asking your boss for a raise?  If not, you will now!  The cast of MTV‘s Jersey Shore renegotiated their contracts this year.  While I find myself strangely fascinated by the show, […]