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FASTEST TEXTER: 17-Year-Old Wins Title, $50,000

  A 17-year-old boy from Wisconsin won the title of the fastest texter in America today (Wednesday) for the second time in a row. He picked up $50,000 in prize money, as he did last […]



YourDay™ Now Available For Android And iPhone

Select your city, sit back and let the new YourDay™ smartphone app update you on the latest news, sports, weather, and traffic in your city.


A Smartphone Or A Man? Decisions… Decisions…

Sure it can be nice to have man in your life, but it is always nice to have a Smartphone in your life.  Men come and go but a Smartphone is forever….


Smartphones Keep You Healthy

The concensus is that technology makes us lazy.  I’m here to prove the opposite.  Your smartphone wants to keep you HEALTHY!  And, no, it’s not all that finger exercising you do when dialing…