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Feeling KOOL – Best Foods Before Bed

If you’re not sleeping these days, maybe you need to switch up your eating habits. Here three of the best foods to eat before bed. 1. Cereal and Milk:  Sugar cereals are bad…BUT, a healthy […]

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Feeling KOOL – Need Help Sleeping?

Troubled Sleeping? Have a good night’s rest with this natural sleep aid! Tart cherry contains a healthy dose of all-natural melatonin that assists in getting good-quality sleep. Try swapping your midnight snack with an 8-ounce […]

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Weekend of Recovery

This weekend started with LASIK eye surgery on Friday afternoon. After the show, I headed over to see Dr. Jay Schwartz at the Schwartz Laser Eye Center. This was the big step into seeing without […]

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'Actuel Dogs' - Luxury Dogs Hotel Visit

A Betdime Story… FOR DOGS!!!

SCIENTISTS have produced the world’s first bedtime story for DOGS. They spent years analyzing speech patterns so they could write a yarn perfect for calming mutts upset by fireworks. According to The Sun… it WORKS. […]


One in Ten Adults Still Sleeps With a Teddy Bear?

This is a survey out of England, so we’re not sure if it applies over here . . . but let’s hope it doesn’t.  According to a survey by IKEA, almost 10% of adults . […]


Having Trouble Falling Asleep? Do You Count Sheep?

Almost No One Counts Sheep to Fall Asleep Anymore . . . Listening to Nature Sounds is the New Big Thing. There ARE still a few people out there who fall asleep without using Ambien.  […]


“…sounds like a couple of grizzlies wrestling a chainsaw…”

Tom and Maria found some interesting information…one out of four married couples sleep in separate beds.  Apparently, more and more couples are realizing that wanting a goodnight’s sleep…SOLO…doesn’t mean thier marriage is in trouble; they just […]


Why am I gaining weight???

Is that nasty scale being mean again?  Surely, it’s lying…since you have been dieting properly.  You’re not eating unhealthy food!  What’s the problem?  Here are 5 NON-FOOD items that can lead to weight gain.



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