sleep deprivation

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Feeling KOOL – Sleep Deprivation

Losing sleep may cause you to lose brain cells.  Researchers say long-term sleep deprivation, like that brought on by so-called shift work, drains energy from the brain even after sleeping extra hours on days off. […]

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Daylight Savings Time Is Unhealthy?

Does Daylight Savings Time put you at risk for a heart attack or suicide?


Are You Sleep Deprived?

If you dozed off while reading the blog headline, I am willing to bet YOU ARE!  In this day and age of consolidation and downsizing, 40 hour workweeks are a thing of the past.  We’re all […]


Take a nap…or wear a cap.

There was a time when baldness was considered unappealing.  But, over the last decade or two, it’s become SEXY!  OK, there were ALWAYS exceptions.  Sean Connery, Yul Brynner, Telly Savalas.  “Who loves ya, baby?”  The […]