I Will Survive!W Magazine was able to get the stars of the season's finest films to channel their inner Gloria Gaynor. Here is Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, Amy Adams, Matthew McConaughey and a whole lot more doing "I Will Survive"!
Carpool Karaoke with Madonna!It's Madonna's turn in the passenger seat with James Corden as they cruise through NYC singing her classics!
Owner Sings Her Dog to SleepToo cute! Wish we could make it through the whole video...keep...falling...asleep...zzzzzzz
Carpool Karaoke with Lady Gaga!Lady Gaga and James Corden take a drive through L.A. while singing some of her classics...
The Duet We Didn't Know We NeededBecause aren't we all having the time of our lives...
[WATCH] Steve Perry Hits The Stage To Sing Journey Classics
[WATCH] A Man Was Singing In Front Of A Grocery Store- What Happened Next Will Amaze You
Iron Man Does Sting?
Study Finds: Music Can Get You HighBut you have to play it, not just listen to it, for the benefits.
'The Voice' Recap: Happy Now?The top 8 perform! When they were good, they were very, very good. And when they were bad...they were horrid.
Amazon Parrot singing "Yo Ho - A Pirate's Life For Me!"
Last Night's American Idol Auditions

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