Is Money No Object For HER Gift?

If you are looking to lavish your lady with luxury and still not sure what to buy her this Christmas, take a look at these one-of-a kind, pricey gifts for the woman who deserves the […]


What Are America’s Ten Most Shoplifted Items?

“Adweek” magazine surveyed store security pros from around the country and asked them what items are shoplifted the most from their stores.  I was shocked at what the number one stolen item was!  I’ve never […]


Paris Hilton’s Black Friday Purchase: A $300,000 Ferrari . . . For Herself

This is how PARIS HILTON does Black Friday:  She spends way too much money . . . ON HERSELF.


Hope You Liked Black Friday’s Midnight Openings, Because They’re Here to Stay

Stores posted all-time record sales on Black Friday and the ones that opened at midnight or earlier . . . including Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and Macy’s . . . all reported enormous sales.  SO […]


Four Free Apps to Make Black Friday Shopping Less Stressful

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year, and things can get a little crazy out there.  But your cell phone can make things a little easier. For example, there’s a […]


Black Friday Specials

The day after Thanksgiving is the day millions of Americans, enjoying a rare Friday off, head to the malls to kick off the holiday shopping season! It’s known as “Black Friday” in the retail industry, […]


Black Friday Wars . . . Toys “R” Us Will Now Open at 9:00 P.M. on Thanksgiving

Last week, Walmart threw down the gauntlet on Black Friday:  They announced they were starting their sale at 10:00 P.M. on THANKSGIVING.  In other words, their Black Friday starts two hours earlier than ACTUAL Friday. […]


Five Things You Shouldn’t Buy at the Dollar Store, and Five You Should

The holidays are coming up, and dollar stores are a good place for stocking stuffers.  In fact, stocking stuffers and Christmas decorations can cost 30 to 70% less there.  But there are also some dollar […]


This Year’s Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog Includes Million-Dollar Dancing Fountains, a $45,000 Ping-Pong Table, and a $75,000 Tent

Every year, Neiman Marcus puts out a Christmas catalog that includes some ridiculously expensive gifts, and this year’s edition came out yesterday.  A bit risky in this climate, I’d say.  Hopefully no one’s going to […]


Six Gross Ways They Make Food Look Delicious on TV

As you know, most of the food you see in commercials isn’t actually edible, because they slather it with things to make it look as good as possible on camera.  But there’s a new article […]