Shia LaBeouf

Crazy Legs Conti Eats 100 Cubic Feet Of Popcorn

New Movies For The Labor Day Weekend

#1.)  “Lawless” (R) Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, and Jason Clarke play three brothers making moonshine during Prohibition in the 1920s.  Guy Pearce is the villain, a corrupt cop who wants a piece of their illegal bootlegging operation.   #2.)  “The Possession” (PG-13) […]


Wall Street #2 Is #1…and AWESOME!

I was pretty bummed out last night when I found out the [lastfm]Tom Petty[/lastfm] concert was postponed.  I was already in the car, on my way to US Airways Center!  What to do, what to […]


“Wall Street” Red Carpet: Brad Blanks With Shia LaBeouf And Oliver Stone

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps opens today in theaters across the country, and our friend Brad Blanks hit the red carpet for the film’s New York premiere, capturing interviews with director Oliver Stone and actor […]