He’s Got An EYE For You

Fisherman in California caught a pregnanat shark.  They found a CYCLOPS baby shark inside. 


There’s a Golf Course in Australia With 30 Sharks in One of the Water Hazards

Imagine hitting your golf ball into a water hazard, walking to the edge of the water, and seeing a ten-foot SHARK swimming around.  Well, it’s possible at the Carbrook Golf Club in Queensland, Australia, which […]


If You Like “Shark Week” On The Discovery Channel…

It’s “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel, and if you’re a fan, there’s some footage on YouTube from a few years ago that you’ve gotta see.


Shark Week

Shark Week returns this week.  The Discovery Channel is offering 6 days of programming dedicated to ALL THINGS SHARK.  Discovery Channel shark advisor Andy DeHart says viewers are in for a real treat… Click HERE […]