AZ Roomstore 7.04 (23)

Roomstore with Steve Goddard

Steve Goddard and the 94.5 KOOL Kids on the Block were back at it again on this 4th of July at the Roomstore giving you a chance to win gift certificates! With tons of unique […]


John + Yoko shortly before his murder. (Brenda Chase/Getty)

Mark David Chapman’s Own Lennon-Autographed Copy of ‘Double Fantasy’ Up For Sale

This past weekend marked the 32nd anniversary of John Lennon’s assassination on December 8, 1980. Disturbingly enough, the album Lennon signed for the man who would shoot him five hours later, Mark David Chapman, is up for sale.


Top Little-Known Facts About Christopher Columbus

Since we honor him today, let’s take a closer look at the famous explorer who set out to discover the “New World” in 1492 with the Top Little-Known Facts About Christopher Columbus. –The first person […]



You will not want to miss this event! Not only is it the last one of the year for KOOL FM, but you have some amazing opporunities at your fingertips! The KOOL Fun and Games […]


Black Friday Shopping Survival

I’ve blogged about Thanksgiving nightmares.  Now, let’s tackle the NEXT day.  I think we’ve all been injured in some way, shape or form during a Black Friday sale.  And, because I care for your well-being, […]


Massive Price Wars Are About To Begin!

Good News: Major Retailers Are Entering Into A Massive Price War To Try To Sell Toys This Holiday Season.  Four of the biggest toy retailers in the country are already getting into a MASSIVE price […]