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[WATCH] Young Girl Walks Down The Aisle With Her Father After Finding Out He Is Dying From Pancreatic Cancer

Oh My. Amazing. My daughter Mia is turning 15 years old today. I have everything to be thankful for. My family is very blessed. She is a great student and an amazing young lady. We […]


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Elton John Lends Entire Back Catalog To Australian Electronic Duo Pnau

Elton John is such a big fan of Pnau’s that he decided to give the Australian electronic duo access to all the vocals from his back catalog. Dubbed simply “Elton John Versus Pnau,” the duo have currently used John’s vocals on several tracks, including one called “Sad.”


Tom’s Internet Find Of The Day

    Have you ever been on the street and seen something that just looked so out of place? Like a doll in a puddle or a lone sock under a parked car? It looks […]