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Photo by: PATRIK STOLLARZ/AFP/Getty Images

Skyscraper – The Roller Coaster

This rendering of a proposed roller coaster to be built at the Skyplex in Orlando has us grabbing our seats for dear life!  Set to open in 2017 this roller coaster looks like it’s wrapped […]


Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Hangover Cure?

I read this morning that if you are hung over…ride a roller coaster! mmmmmmm   (Jessica Festa) After seeing a 250% increase in people puking on rides, the staff at Thorpe Park in Surrey decided […]


V8 Supercars Round 1 - Previews

The Best Dad Ever!!!!!

Ok, it doesn’t look anything like the picture here, but what kid wouldn’t love a dad that builds them their very own roller coaster in the back yard!  The awesome ride — which features a […]


Live Action Landfill For Phoenix!

Landfills don’t sound like fun.  But, just wait till you hear what’s in store for the one at 19th Avenue & Buckeye Road.  Would you believe roller coasters, water rides, skiiing and snowboarding?