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Aerosmith vs. Modern Lovers: State Officials Sound Off on Official Rock Song of Massachusetts

One song is the most famous tune ever written by Boston’s most revered band. Another is a classic in its own right and perfectly captures the setting and spirit of Massachusetts in its lyrics. So […]



Massachusetts Bill Aims to Make Modern Lovers’ ‘Roadrunner’ Official State Rock Song

The Modern Lovers’ classic “Roadrunner” may proclaim in its lyrics that it’s “in love with Massachusetts,” but does the state love it back? At least, enough to make it the official state song? That’s what […]


Roadrunner And Coyotes CG

FINALLY!! “Coyote Falls” is the first Roadrunner cartoon done with computer animation. Lots can be done with computer graphics that would be far more expensive to do in drawn animation. For instance…….note the reflection in […]