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A Betdime Story… FOR DOGS!!!

SCIENTISTS have produced the world’s first bedtime story for DOGS. They spent years analyzing speech patterns so they could write a yarn perfect for calming mutts upset by fireworks. According to The Sun… it WORKS. […]


J.K. Rowling is Writing a Book for Adults!

J.K. ROWLING is writing her first post-“Harry Potter” book . . . and this one is for grownups. Rowling says, quote, “Although I’ve enjoyed writing it every bit as much, my next book will be […]


A Very Cool “Kids Story” Website

Finally there’s a great way of getting the kids some face time with a parent or grandma without having to spring for a plane ticket. There’s a cool new interactive website called that combines […]


A Great Website For People Who Love Reading Books

When you finish a book that you like and are at a loss to know what to read next, this is the site for you!