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Ritchie Blackmore’s Biggest (Guitar) Smashes

Pete Townshend may have started this whole guitar-smashing thing in rock music, Jimi Hendrix famously set his guitar on fire, and Paul Stanley of KISS certainly makes a big spectacle out of it. But no rock star consistently demolishes […]


Double Rainbow…What Does It Mean?

LOVED the weather this weekend!  My neighbor caught a photograph of the double rainbow over our ‘hood.  It really is spectacular.


We Had A Double Rainbow This Morning!

Here’s what a KOOL listener saw this morning… If you want to see the one of the funniest viral videos on rainbows ever, click more!


DIO on the CDT.

While [lastfm]Ronnie James Dio[/lastfm] was not on our playlist on KOOL-FM, he definitely qualifies as a celebrity.  Ronnie died on Sunday.  So, time to add him to the latest CDT (Celebrity Death Trifecta).