(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

The Bunny And The Balloon

Who’s up for a funny (and somewhat naughty) animal video?  This one’s not your typical pet video, either.  No cat.  No dog.  Not even a gerbil.  This one involves a bunny…and a BALLOON!?! You know, […]


(Photo by HOLGER HOLLEMANN/AFP/Getty Images)

Kitten Vs. Bunny: Who Wins?

“Kitten Vs. Bunny” sounds like a Playboy Playmate Jello wrestling match.  But, this is actually another in a long line of hysterical animal videos.  Why do we keep posting them?  Because YOU keep watching!!! This […]


Seven Pets and What They Say About a Guy’s Relationship Potential

We’ve seen lists like this before, and they’re always pretty stupid.  But the dating website YourTango.com has a list of pets and what they say about a guy’s relationship potential.