A Labor Day Quiz For You

See how you do.  The answers are at the end. 1. What type of job employs the most Americans: autoworkers, teachers or farmers? 2. What do American workers spend the most time doing: drinking coffee, […]


How Well Do You Know Your Reindeer & Christmas Tree?

[sponsored] Here’s a quiz to find out!  We call it “KOOL”, or “Not KOOL” which is basically, true or false.  Are you ready?  Here’s the quiz… #1.)  Reindeer are the only animals that can see […]


A KOOL Christmas Quiz!

[sponsored] If you like the holidays, take the quiz and see how you do! 1. What is the longest-running Christmas special on U.S. network television: A Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, or How […]


Which Beatle Are You?

The Beatles were famous for being a group made up of very distinct character types: There’s the cute one, the quiet one … you know the rest. You can take the fab Beatles personality quiz and […]