Iran Wants To Make It Illegal To Own a Dog

It’s one thing for Iran to hate Americans . . . that’s just par for the course over there.  But now Iran has gone too far.  It turns out they also hate MAN’S BEST FRIEND. […]


Viral Video: Me and My Puppy

Thanks to the Internet success of Rebecca Black and Jenna Rose, the door to a whole new world of aspiring teen singers is now wide open. The latest is Giovanna who gets to share her […]


Video: Dog of the Week

Meet Ti Amo, KOOL FM Dog of the Week!


This Will Make You Go… “Aaaawwww!”

A puppy and a baby duck are BFF’s.  After watching this video, Maria said… “I want a puppy and a duck!”


Video: Dog of The Week

Meet AXL, KOOOL FM Dog of The Week…..


Video: Dog of The Week

Meet PAULI, KOOL FM ‘s Dog of The WEEK….


ADOPTED!!! Video: Dog of The Week

This is Spot, a 3 month old Chinese Sharpie/Pit Bull mix. He’s full of energy & loves all types of toys. Check out his appearance on this week’s edition of Dog of The Week to […]


Video: Dog of the Week

Tom and Maria  were expecting just ONE puppy, VELMA.  Instead we got TWO.  Shaggy came along for the ride. BOTH pups are up for adoption at http://www.halorescue.org .  Velma, our “official” Dog of the Week […]