Courtesy Honda

Honda Pulls April Fools Prank with Selfie Car

The auto giant released a video today titled The HR-V Selfie Edition featuring an upgraded version designed with millennials in mind.


Credit: John Sommers II / Getty Images

Top 5 Last Minute April Fools Day Pranks

Are you always the butt of every April Fools Day prank? Well not this year! We have a list of 5 last minute April Fools Day pranks to pull on your co-workers courtesy of 1. […]


A Pine-Sol Prank

When you think of Pine-Sol, you think of cleaning power. What doesn’t come to mind are elaborate pranks. The company recently conducted a product test and decided to have a little fun at the expense […]


Students  listen to then national anthem

Senior Pranks! What Did You Do?

It’s almost the end of the school year!  Which means it’s Rabbit Season.  NO Duck Season.  NO!  Senior Prank Season! What did YOU do to help your senior class go down in high school history?!  […]


April Fools’ Day 2011: 10 Of The Most Hilarious Pranks

Most people love a decent joke, and so it follows that many are also fond of April Fools’ Day. You have to admit, there have been some impressive pranks pulled over the years. Check out […]


Don’t be an “April Fool!”

Have you been tricked yet today?  Check the calendar.  It’s April 1st!  So, if you hear of a big raise at work…or find out your partner is having an affair…or have your car stolen…no worries!  […]