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Happy Birthday Monkees!

How about that! A couple of Monkees were born on this day! Mike Nesmith turns 72 today, and Davy Jones would have been 69. Sadly, Davy passed away in 2012. We celebrate both of them […]

94.5 KOOL FM–12/30/2014

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Let’s All Go To The Fair!

When I was a kid growing up in Wisconsin, the Wisconsin State Fair had this little jingle I can remember “Let’s all go to the fair!”. I sing it to this day. Every time the […]

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National Chewing Gum Day

This is the day I have been wating for all year! Not really, but it sure beats National Red Beets Day! So, in honor of all of the different flavors and kinds of gum out […]

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Poll: Women Over 35 Would Rather Look Young Than Thin

A new survey finds that after a certain age, women think more about aging than weight.  Conducted by skincare brand Sanctuary Spa, it finds that 60 percent of women say after age 35, the best […]


Early Voting Begins In Iowa For Presidential Election

Weird Facts About Politics and Elections

It’s Voting Day. Finally. After today, the constant barrage of political commercials will end. Unfortunately, the bickering probably will not. Here’s a rundown of some weird facts about politics and elections: 1. Politicians are almost […]


Tom and Maria

Men/Women Have To Choose!

Sports lovers LOVE this time of year…we can choose between watching baseball, watching professional football and even college football is getting underway.   (When does hockey start???) SOOOOOO – If you had to choose between your […]


Elvis as a hologram? (Photo credit should read STF/AFP/Getty Images)

Elvis Is Alive… In Hologram Form

The hologram trend started with a deceased rap star and now it’s getting a visit from The King. Digital Domain Media Group, who created a shockingly realistic Tupac Shakur hologram for a Coachella “performance” back […]


Prepare To Weep With Tuesday’s ‘Funeral’ On Glee

Waiting for Tuesday’s Glee episode will be remarkably hard for me, as I’ve already gone through half a dozen tissues while tearing up over the premise of next week’s “Funeral” episode. Rumors abound, but the […]


Three-Day Weekend For You?

I was out running errands yesterday, and was surprised by how many people were working their usual routine!  Did YOU have off for Presidents’ Day?


Who Comes Up With This Stuff?

Hey, I’m all for Halloween themed stories.  I’ve recently blogged about candy, costumes, scary movies, haunted houses and even pumpkins!  But, I gotta say USA Today was really reaching with their recent poll question:  “Would you live […]