Carrie Underwoods’ Husband Plays Pro Hockey & Got In A Fight!

CARRIE UNDERWOOD’S husband MIKE FISHER dropped the gloves and went toe-to-toe with an opponent who made a cheap shot hit on his fellow Nashville Predators teammate. It happened Sunday during the playoff game against the […]


Triple OT For Suns/Lakers!

Have you caught your breath from last night’s Suns/Lakers game?  LA is 13-1 since the All-Star break and – as always – a fierce rival to our boys in orange.  As we now know, the […]


Prez Has No Faith In ASU!

While our male Sun Devils didn’t make the NCAA playoffs, the ladies DID.  In fact, they’re ranked #7!  ASU plays #10 ranked Temple tomorrow afternoon.  One particular bracketeer says our girls don’t have a chance!  […]


Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez Wiped a Booger on His Teammate

Boys will be boys, but this may be a bit much. New York Jets quarterback MARK SANCHEZ had good moments and bad moments in last night’s 24-19 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. But his NASTIEST […]


Seahawks Football Fans Set Off A Seismograph Last Weekend

After Marshawn Lynch’s insane touchdown run against the New Orleans Saints in Saturday’s playoff win, the reaction of Seattle Seahawks fans actually showed up as a blip on the seismograph of a nearby earthquake research […]


Great season, Suns!

After an early game struggle and then a 4th quarter comeback in Game 6, we watched our Suns end their season tonight.  The Lakers go on to play the Celtics in the NBA Championship, and we […]


Soooooooo close!

I can’t accurately put into words the wide range of emotions I felt during last night’s Game 5 of the playoffs.  Rollercoaster?  YEAH!  One thing that’s for sure: The Suns know how to come back […]


Want Suns Playoff Tickets?

Just ask Amar’e Stoudemire! OK, so you don’t know Amar’e personally. Why let THAT get in the way? You think I’m kidding, but it’s true. Amar’e is selling discounted playoff tickets for Games 3 and […]


Suggestion for the Suns

I think I know how we can help the Suns come back in game two on Wednesday night.  It may seem unconventional and mean.  But, after a 128-107 loss, I think we should explore all avenues!


Non-Sports Fans Need To Know The Rules Of Watching The Suns Game Tonight!!

Yes Virginia, there are rules to watching the big game tonight!  If you aren’t a huge fan, you need to remember…