Half of Us Use Our Phones to Take Secret Photos and Videos of People . . . Here are the Most Common Targets

We’ve really turned into a nation of VOYEURS.  According to a new Harris poll, 50% of American adults say that, yeah, they sometimes pull out their phone to take a secret photo or video of […]


Facebook Will Finally Let You Keep People From Tagging You in Photos

There’s nothing worse than finding out someone tagged you in a Facebook photo where you’re doing something embarrassing, or you look GOD AWFUL.  Or both.  And you weren’t able to untag yourself in time. Well, […]


Battle of the BIG hair DJs!

Yesterday morning, Tom Peake was “kind enough” to post a classic picture of Maria Knight as a high school DJ.  I think it was payback for the pic she posted of Tom from back in […]


Here’s the Early Picture Of Maria That I Promised You

It was taken at another radio station early in her career. By the way, she hates it. I don’t think it’s so bad…