(Photo by ANA AREVALO/AFP/GettyImages)

New iPhone 5 Video Released

If you’re one of the hundreds and thousands who anxiously wait every day for the next iPhone to be released, you’ll love this video!  It details the soon to be released iPhone 5.  The gang […]


Here are Ten Companies That Actually Use Real People to Handle Customer Service Calls

Everyone hates calling customer service and getting that automated switchboard that goes nowhere . . . while they tell you how important your call is. 71% of Americans say they become “extremely irritated” when they […]


Have a home phone? Stupid invention #22 is for you – NOT!

The phone has come a long way since my memory of our phone back in Haskell, Oklahoma.  I was 4 when we got dial phones.  Over 50 years later I still remember before the dial […]


Wish There Was A Website That Let You Test-Drive The Fancy New Cell Phones Before You Buy Them?

Cell Phone This is really cool…er…uh….KOOL!  :-)  You can “test-drive” cell phones to see which ones you like before you buy them. CLICK HERE  for the info!