Promises, Promises

[sponsored] No, I don’t mean the song by Naked Eyes. What are the most commonly broken New Year’s Resolutions?


There was Tarzan, Jane and........

This Is A Very Famous Animal….



Change in time?

A Change To How We Tell Time?

[sponsored] Time, is on our side…


Any idea, why it's so special?

May Not Look Like Much Of A Car

[sponsored] Can you guess what it is?


Can you imagine driving this car?

Now This Is A Car….

[sponsored] This is a car? Talk about an attention getter


You will not believe what is in the bag....

What’s In The Bag?



11  12-28  musical prodigy

The Most Amazing Music Story Of 2011 – And Maybe The Last 200 Years

[sponsored] That statement is not just another attention grabbing headline. It’s an incredible story  about a 12 year old boy named Jay Greenberg, who also likes the nickname Bluejay because, as he puts it, blue […]


Cheetah - died 12-24 - 385x280

Another Obit For 2011 As A Hollywood Legend Has Died

[sponsored] He’s been retired for years, but last Saturday, he finally succumbed to kidney failure at the age of 80.  Here’s the amazing story of this iconic figure from the golden days of Hollywood.  


11  12-28  crocodile vs lawnmower

Crocodile Vs Lawn Mower

[sponsored] The header sounds like a punch line, but it one of the stranger events of the year, a crocodile in Australia tried to bite a lawn mower when a grounds keeper got a little […]


11  12-28  AVA awards June 2011

Veteran Of the Year – Biggest Surprise Of 2011?

[sponsored] Do you know who received the award this past June?  This was a total  surprise for me. Many people may have forgot about his time in the U.S.Army. He is the son of an […]