A KOOL Day at Penske Auto Mall

The KOOL Kids on the Block were out at the Penske Auto Mall today at 18018 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale Az. We were put there giving out KOOL Swag and having a good time for […]


Penske Cars & Coffee (20)

KOOL Morning with Coffee and Cars on the side at Penske

Thank you to everyone who came out for some Cars and Coffee out at Penske. This awesome event takes place every 3rd Saturday of the Month. See you around the Valley, stay KOOL! For all […]


Go German Or Go Home At Volkswagon North Scottsdale

  Join the KOOL Kids on the Block at VW North Scottsdale, 7001 E Chauncey Lane 85054, this Saturday from 10am-noon for KOOL games and prizes! VW North Scottsdale, a part of the Scottsdale 101 Auto Collection, […]


2011 Pop Music, was it a good year

2011 In Pop Music



Your top celebrity story for 2011?

2011 Celebrity Story Of The Year



The AP top 10 stories of the year were...

The Associated PressTop 10 Stories of 2011

[sponsored] Here are the AP’s top ten stories for the year


Pucker Up! It’s New Year’s Eve!

[sponsored] Ladies…plan on smooching your special someone this New Year’s Eve?  Well, let old Tom give you some pointers!


11  12-29  frog and iphone bugs

Real Frog Tries To Eat Smartphone “Bug”

Proving you can do just about anything with a smartphone (and a LOT of free time), this guy thought it might be funny to make his phone screen look like an ant was crawling across […]


What Out-Of-Towners Need To Know About Arizona

[sponsored] Between the Bowl games and the Fiesta Bowl Block Party, we have a ton of people who have come here to have a little fun, and get away from cold weather.  However, there are […]