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mona olive dig

Maria DIGS Her Dogs!

This weekend the weather was wonderful!  There is nothing better than taking the dogs for a nice hike when the weather cooperates.  My dogs, Mona and Olive , love to explore and run around the […]

94.5 KOOL FM–01/22/2013

Maria’s Dog Olive Is Wearing ‘The Cone Of Shame’

I took my dog Olive to the vet yesterday.  She had some kind of UGG (unidentified gross growth) on her paw between her toes.  My vet thought that maybe she got a cactus spine between […]


Maria’s Dogs Givin’ Kisses

I have the happiest dogs ever.  I recently switched dog foods TO Purina Pro Plan Selects….I think their big smiles have something to do with that!


Olive the Abused Dog

What a sad, sad world we live in to imagine that such cruelty can be shown to a defenseless animal. A woman who was jogging along the canal in Gilbert discovered a pomeranian-chihuahua mix Tuesday night, shivering, […]