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NYC Lawsuit

$900 TRILLION Lawsuit???

  Even the almighty Lerner & Rowe couldn’t pull this one off.  A woman is suing the city of New York for $900,000,000,000,000!  That’s 14 (count ’em, fourteen) zeroes.  Was this a typo?  NOPE!  Why […]


What Musical Superstar Painted This Picture?

It’s time for everyone’s favorite game, “WHO PAINTED IT???”  This beautiful picture was painted by a legendary singer/songwriter and will be on dislpay at an art gallery this October in New York City.  Can you […]


5.9 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes DC/NYC/Boston!

There’s a “whole lotta shakin’ going on” back East!  A record-breaking 5.9 magnitude earthquake just hit Central Virginia.  It was felt in nearby Washington DC, as the Pentagon, Capitol and other federal buildings are being […]


Annie From Mesa Heading To Ground Zero

This September 11th marks the 10th anniversary of the tragedy that hit the United States in 2001, and  Annie is on a mission. As of today, she’s Been On The Road For 5 Days. I […]


What better way to wrap up our visit to the city

Can you say Frankie Valli?


Now This Is KOOL Fun In the City

Not Phoenix…New York!


Hall Of Fame: 51st Anniversary of Bob Dylan’s NYC Debut at Gerde’s Folk City

Today, April 11th, is the 51st anniversary of Bob Dylan‘s New York City debut at Gerde’s Folk City. Gerde’s Folk City was a performance venue in the West Village of NYC throughout the ’60s, ’70s […]


Life Is A TV Show For Charlie

A drunk and naked Charlie Sheen trashes his New York  hotel suite.  That sure sounds like an episode of “Two And A Half Men.”  But, in this case, it’s REAL LIFE.


Where Were You On 9/11?

We will ALWAYS remember where were during certain events.  Some are good: graduation, marriage, childbirth.  Others are not: President Kennedy’s assassination, the Challenger explosion, the attacks of 9/11.  Tomorrow marks 9 years since that horrific day […]


Naked Cowboy is NOT happy!

Have you ever been to New York City? Did you see the Naked Cowboy? He’s been walking around Times Square for years! He plays a guitar, but isn’t really naked. He just wears briefs and […]