The Story Behind the "Seinfeld" Theme SongComposer Jonathan Wolff talks about how he came up with it and how it almost didn't make it on the air...
Super Bowl Ad Prices Reach All-Time High
Happy Birthday Johnny Carson
A "Full House" Poem...By Tom Hanks
More Oddities From Al Roker
NBC Falsely Reports Neil Young Dead - Plus 5 More Rock Star Death RumorsIn honor of NBC's Neil Young/Neil Armstrong mix-up this weekend, here are five other rock star death rumors through the years.
What Happened To Al Roker?!?
NBC Pushes The Who's Olympic Performance Past MidnightWith all the issues NBC has had during their broadcast of the London Olympics - from tape delaying, to spoiling results in their news coverage - it seems fitting that they saved their biggest fail for Olympics Closing Ceremony.
Bad, Bad Bob Costas [VIDEO]
Batman Is REALLY Pee-Wee Herman!
Mike Tyson Was A "Prostitute Hunter?!?"
Pray For "Little Darth Vader" Today

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