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Did You Give Your Dog The Popular Name For Its Breed?

The most popular names for dogs are Max for the boys, and Bella for the girls.  But, a website called did a study and found that there are some trends when it comes to […]


“Darling” is the Most Popular “Pet” Name . . . Here’s the Top 10

This story is for everyone who’s slipped up in public and called their significant other by the pet name you use at home . . . and then been MERCILESSLY MOCKED for it.  Everyone else […]


Here are the Ten Names Parents Most Regret Giving Their Kids

We’ve got the results here from a new survey asking parents if they REGRET the name they gave their kids, and what those names are.  Is your name on the list?  How about your kids?


One In Five Parents Regret The Name They Gave Their Kid

What Do I Name Them? This study took place in the UK, but we think the results might be similar here in the States . . According to a new survey, ONE in FIVE parents […]