Nadya Suleman

(Photo by Toby Canham/Getty Images)

Octomom Sighting In Phoenix

It can’t be hard to spot Nadya Suleman.  She’s got 14 kids at her feet!  You know her better as “Octomom.”  And, you just may spot her in the Valley this week.  She’s making an […]


The Octomom Is Doing a Dating Show

This is potentially stomach-turning:  The Octomom, NADYA SULEMAN, will appear on a DATING SHOW.  It’s called “Celebridate”, and it will air on the mighty HDNet. She says, quote, “I was lucky enough to be invited […]



Looks like Octo-mom is in octo-trouble.  If you thought birthing 14 children was difficult, try raising them without a home!  Do YOU have 15 extra bedrooms in your house?  Want some guests?  Come on…show your generous […]