Mom Was Wrong

Parenting does NOT come with a manual.  Through the ages, Mom’s have given advice.  And to be honest, it has been advice that has been passed down from generation to generation.  The line has to […]

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Five Myths About Caffeine

If you’re like us, you have caffeine every single day, in one form or another.  But you probably don’t know much about it.  For example, you probably know that chocolate has caffeine in it, but […]


The 5 Biggest Thanksgiving Myths Debunked.

Just when you thought you knew it all about Thanksgiving…


How much do YOU know about millionaires?

We all fantasize about being millionaires.  But, how much do we really know about them?  Yahoo Finance just published an article with “7 Millionaire Myths.”  For instance, what do you think is the most common car […]


Shark Week – Shark Myths

Maria and Tom are BIG fans of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.  Today they found five myths about shark that they will BUST. MYTHS 1. Sharks will ALWAYS attack humans. 2. Sharks are idiots. […]