Live from Hollywood - with Cecily KnoblerBefore you hit the theaters this weekend take a listen to our Hollywood expert...
Live from Hollywood - with Cecily KnoblerThe big one this weekend is "A Dog's Purpose" what's the verdict? Find out here with our Hollywood expert Cecily Knobler!
Want To See A Bunch Of Things You Probably Didn't See In Pixar Movies?Since we've been giving away trips to Disneyland on 94.5 KOOL-FM, I thought I would let you see what you might have missed while watching your favorite Disney Pixar films!
Rodney Dangerfield's Yacht From The Movie Caddyshack Is For Sale!You loved the movie! You loved Rodney! Now, you can love Rodney's yacht from Caddyshack! It's 60 feet long and comes with a flatscreen TV, three cabins, kitchen and showers. By the way, the anchor wasn't scratched and is in perfect shape!
Live from Hollywood - with Cecily KnoblerCouple big ones this weekend... "Patriots Day" with Mark Wahlberg and "Live by Night" starring and directed by Ben Affleck. But are they any good? Find out before you hit the theaters...
Documentary About Actress Carrie Fisher & Her Mother Debbie Reynolds Airs SundayThe highly anticipated HBO documentary about the relationship between Carrie and her mother will air this Sunday. I can't wait for this!
Star Wars' Carrie Fisher Has Passed AwayShe suffered a heart attack during a flight to Los Angeles a couple of days before Christmas and had been in intensive care since. She died at 8:55 this morning.
Live from Hollywood - with Cecily KnoblerTalking about the new movies coming out over Christmas weekend. Happy Holidays!
Live from Hollywood - with Cecily KnoblerThe new Star Wars is finally here! Oh, and there's some other stuff too... Let's see what's hot and what's not with our movie expert Cecily Knobler...
Live from Hollywood - with Cecily KnoblerThis weekend brings us a comedy, a drama, and a thriller...but what to see?? Listen to the reviews with our Hollywood expert Cecily Knobler and then check out the trailers!
Now You Can Download Shows & Films On Netflix!No internet connection? Now you can watch your shows and movies offline!
What To Do With Family This WeekendWe got you covered.

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