Today’s local KOOL winner with tips on scoring the moo-la

Ester Olivas of Glendale won $1000 when she heard Large Marge moo this afternoon.  For those who have heard the “all lines are busy” recording and wondered how many times it took someone to get […]


“CORRAL” a grand!

Large Marge here!  I heard from a 3-legged goat livin’ on the farm that if you call 1-866-EASY WIN at 10:25am…you could pick up $1000.   AND – I gotta say I am really tired of […]


“HOLY COW” Marge has another $1000 for ewe!

Large Marge You’ve heard Large Marge’s Bodacious Mooo paying off $1000 winners on KOOL-FM. Well, as a bonus for checking out, I have another chance for you to win a grand. You won’t hear […]


Tuesday is MOOsday :-)

If you grew up on a farm, you’re probably used to ignoring the sound of a cow mooing.  Well, IGNORE NO MORE!!!  Our Quarter Million Moola Giveaway is in full swing, and Large Marge belts out […]