Monday Night Football

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants

YEAH Football!

I don’t know about you but I am excited that football season is underway.  The Cowboys kicked off the season with a win over the Giants.  Although I enjoyed the game, I was very distracted […]


Barry Sanders Will Replace Hank Williams Jr. on ESPN’s “Monday Night Football”

Former NFL superstar BARRY SANDERS will replace HANK WILLIAMS JR. on “Monday Night Football” tonight.  ESPN parted ways with Hank last week . . . after Hank compared PRESIDENT OBAMA to Hitler in an interview. Barry […]


Turn Out The Lights, Don Meredith

We’re 2/3 through a SPORTS CDT (Celebrity Death Trifecta).  Friday, I blogged about the passing of legendary Chicago Cubs third baseman Ron Santo.  I just found out that former Dallas Cowboys and Monday Night Football […]


Leslie Nielsen + Monday Night Football =

HILARITY!  I actually found a video that combines Leslie Nielsen with tonight’s Cardinals/49ers Monday Night Football game.  Seems unlikely, but it’s TRUE!  R.I.P., Mr. Nielsen.  You made us all laugh harder then we thought we could!


“Are You Ready For Some Football?”

I’m sure you’ve spent the better part of today plotting your escape route from work, so you can catch kickoff of the Cards/Titans game on Monday Night Football – 5PM on ESPN!  Remember the old […]