If You’re a Stay-at-Home Parent, You Should Be Making $96,000

Each year . . . usually around Mother’s Day . . . people try to figure out how much mothers would make if they earned fair-market value for all the services they provide. For some […]


A New Study Proves You’re a Better Cook Than Your Mother

No matter how much you love your mother . . . there’s not a woman in the WORLD who won’t take some satisfaction in hearing this.  A new study has proven that you’re a better […]


The Most Stressful Job for Women is . . . Stay-At-Home Mom

This one’s for all the women dreaming about the day you can drop out of the rat race and just stay at home raising kids.  About three months in, you’re going to WISH you still […]


Ok, This Is The Cutest Mother’s Day Video Ever!

It’s Mother’s Day, yo, and these two ladies are rapping about none other than the big M-to-the-O-to the M. Listen up, ’cause they up in the hizzle, fo’ shizzle.


Livin’ In The Muthahood!

Every mom can identify with this video from comedian and mom Anita Renfroe which is getting a ton of hits on YouTube.


The Hypothetical Salary of Stay-At-Home Moms Has Gone Down

Every year, just in time for Mother’s Day, posts its annual study on how much stay-at-home moms WOULD earn, if they actually got paid for everything they do.  Well, in this economy, even HYPOTHETICAL […]


Here Are the Three Things Your Mom Wants For Mother’s Day . . . And the One Thing She Doesn’t Want

Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away.  And for the lifetime of sacrifices she’s made for you . . . you could at least drop a few bucks on something she actually wants.  According […]


16 Facts About Mom

With Mother’s Day this weekend, I did a Google search for “mother.”  About 50% of what I found is not suitable for  Man, the internet is a disgusting place to live!  However, there WERE […]