Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise and Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show (Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Tom Cruise Takes on Jimmy Fallon in Epic Lip Synch Battle

Cruise took mercy on Fallon and declined to use “Old Time Rock and Roll.”


Would You Pay Money for Pool Water That Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Their Daughter Swam In?

I can see this becoming a new celebrity fad:  Someone is selling a four-ounce bottle of water on eBay.  And this is no ordinary water.  It was taken from a pool in Miami after TOM […]


BEST TV Theme Songs

Don’t they call them ear wigs?  Those songs that we just can’t get out of our heads.  I have found that the ear wigs that swim around in my head are USUALLY TV theme songs.  […]


Mission Impossible’s Mr Phelps and James Arness brother is dead

Not to mention Joey’s Uncle Jim on the old TV show “Fury”. For all the television work Peter Graves did (including his still running “reverse mortgage” commercials”) He was featured in over 30 theatrical motion […]


Some “Graves” News

What did I tell you?  I won’t say “I told you so,” as that would be insulting the memory of a great actor.  BUT… Regarding my blog from Thursday, the CDT (Celebrity Death Trifecta) has […]