Mike Evans


Mike Evans: Hollywood Insider 3-10-2014

Spielberg is doing TV. Jamie Lee Curtis is getting a sit-com.

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Mike Evans: Hollywood Insider 3-7-2014

Mike reviews the Mr. Peabody movie. Does Simon like his dogs or his son more? Taylor has the most WHAT?  It’s not good.  

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Mike Evans: Hollywood Insider 3-6-2014

Are they really going to run POT commercials on TV? The Shining is going to be on Broadway…a comedy???

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Mike Evans: Hollywood Insider 3-5-2014

Which star LOVES Downton Abby? Ryan Seacrest paid HOW MUCH for Ellen’s house? Amy and Kate got matching tattoos.

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Mike Evans: Hollywood Insider 3-4-2014

Sandra Bullock made HOW MUCH for Gravity? Which celeb wants to replace Piers Morgan?

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Mike Evans: Hollywood Insider 3-3-2014

What is significant about Charlie Chaplin’s win at the Oscars so many years ago? Who had the best Oscar after-parties?  

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Mike Evans: Hollywood Insider 2-28-2014

How did the idea for Gravity come about? Mike has his Oscar picks. Movie Review: Son of God.

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Mike Evans: Hollywood Insider 2-27-2014

How many times has LEO many nominated for an Oscar? How many times has he actually won? Is Clooney serious about his new girlfriend? Movie review for NON STOP.    

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Mike Evans: Hollywood Insider 2-26-2014

Oscar time! Which celeb has signed a deal with Christian Dior? Is Khloe getting divorced?  Maybe not.

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Mike Evans: Hollywood Insider 2-25-2014

Mike has a couple Oscar pop quiz questions for you. Tina Fey has signed up to do two movies.  Both comedies. The Kardasians have a new clothing line…

94.5 KOOL FM–02/25/2014