Michael McDonald Performance at Wild Horse Pass
KOOL FM And Big Red Rib Fest with Smasher!
Interview: The Doobie Brothers Go Country on 'Southbound'"I think it's a bit of an illusion as to who likes what kind of music. Just cause you're a country artist doesn't mean you don't like rock and roll, and just because you're playing rock and roll doesn't mean you don't like country." - Patrick Simmons
Ferguson Native Michael McDonald Speaks Out on Mike Brown Shooting, Whites vs. Blacks Being Killed"We don’t hear of many incidents of young unarmed white males being gunned down for running away from police," he wrote.
Michael McDonald Reunites With The Doobie Brothers For A Country Album
Justin Timberlake Imitates Michael McDonald, Alongside Michael McDonald
Lysa D.'s KOOL Kollective - 8/10/12
Michael McDonald Talks Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan ConnectionMichael McDonald recently kicked off the Dukes of September tour in St. Louis, Missouri alongside Donald Fagen of Steely Dan and Bozz Scaggs. While in his hometown, the singer talked to local radio station Fresh 102.5 about the musical connection him and Fagen have had for forty years.
Lysa D.'s KOOL Kollective - 6/9/12
A New "30 Rock" Cartoon?
Five Things About ... Steely Dan's "Aja"
This Week In Rock History: R.E.M., The Beatles, Motley Crue

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