(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Prince Charles…Meteorologist?

Look out, Nicole Yates!  She’s the morning meteorologist at CBS 5, and is very KOOL.  There’s a new weather guru in front of the green screen.  And, his name is…Prince Charles!  I’m pretty sure he’s […]


Now, THAT Is A Passionate Weatherman!

Here in the Valley, our weather reporters are pretty good.  Jayme King at Fox 10 seems genuinely thrilled to be there.  But, it’s tough to be overly enthusiastic when the forecast is exactly the same […]


America’s Greatest Weatherman

OK, so he’s no Ted Williams.  In fact, I bet this guy actually has a home.  Nevertheless, this video of an “awkward” weather reporter has gone viral, and was all the rage on Facebook this weekend.  Maybe […]