Live In Mesa Tonight

Downtown Mesa Tonight And Tomorrow I’m doing my show live tonight from 7 to 10 in downtown Mesa. Tomorrow night (Saturday) I will be broadcasting from 7 to 9 again here in Mesa, and then, […]


Celebrate In Mesa With Me!

Downtown Mesa Tomorrow And Saturday I’ll be doing my show live tomorrow night, and, I’ll be broadcasting on Saturday night from 7 to 9.  And then, I will be the emcee for the festivities at […]


KOOL fireworks this weekend!

I absolutely LOVE fireworks!  This is one of my favorite weekends of the year.  KOOL is spending the 4th of July weekend in Mesa!  Camelback Jack will do his show LIVE at 7pm Friday and Saturday […]


Celebrating Freedom

Join Me This Fourth of July Weekend In Mesa! I will be in Mesa both Friday night and Saturday night for the festivities.  This is a fun family free event.  This event is presented by […]


M-V-D goes B-Y-E!

Looks like a bunch of MVD locations across Arizona are closing down this week, including 2 right here in the valley. Gee, good thing they’re not known for long lines or anything!