Village Inn - Charlie Huero - 10 (32)

Village Inn with Charlie Huero – 10.27.14

Charlie Huero and the KOOL Kids on the Block were hanging out at Village Inn in Mesa tonight.  The KOOL Kids were taking pictures and giving away all kinds of prizes including candy, dvd’s and […]


(Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

Get A Job!

There’s a JOB fair in Mesa today.  Go Daddy. com is hiring 150 workers. The new positions are in sales, customer service, network engineering, graphic design and software development. The Fair is from 3 – […]

94.5 KOOL FM–01/17/2013

CoxCommunications (6)

“KOOL” Times at Cox Communications

It was a “KOOL” day at Cox Communications on 6005 E. Southern Ave. in Mesa. Corina and the KOOL Kids on the Block  had a blast! We handed out some “KOOL” swag and gave away pairs of […]



KOOL Times At Lenny’s Hamburger!

The KOOL Kids On The Block and Charlie Huero had an amazing time hanging out with everyone at Lenny’s Hamburger in Mesa today. We enjoyed some great burgers, fries and shakes with Lenny himself! They […]


SunWest Federal Credit Union (5)

KOOL Times At SunWest Federal Credit Union

The KOOL Kids On The Block had a fun time out at SunWest Federal Credit Union in Mesa. Check out all the pictures here.


Savers 8-4-12 Photos Taken by Kool Kids on the Block 1029

Savers and Back to School

Thank you to everyone who came out to Savers in Mesa today and Donated items to help raise funds for the Boy and Girls Clubs. Jeffery T Mason and The KOOL Kids on the Block […]


Free Pizza Today With Pizza Fresh And The KOOL Kids On The Block!!!

Come out and join the KOOL Kids On the Block at Pizza Fresh today from 11a-1p. It’s the grand opening of Pizza Fresh Take-n-Bake pizza. Free pizza with purchase of a 2-Liter, for the first 200 […]


Treasure Hunter’s Roadshow

Come on out to the Mesa Convention Center today from 12-2 and hang out with the KOOL Fun and Games Department! The Treasure Hunter’s Roadshow is being filmed there, so bring all of your hidden […]


Rescue The Diving Lady!

Mesa’s infamous Starlite Motel diving lady sign was torn down by a storm on October 5th.  But, have no fear, there are rescue attempts being made!