Even More BBQ Rules…This Time NOT Endorsed By Tom Peake…but funny!

On Friday morning’s show, I passed along a list of “Rules” from a listener who had emailed them in.  I thought they were very funny, but I DID NOT endorse them.  I had a request […]


The Five Best and Worst Professions to Look for in a Future Husband

Ladies, if you’re single and you’re hoping to find Mr. Right this weekend, the website The Stir has a list of the best and worst professions to look for in a future husband.


Ladies, Want To Know Which Smell Attracks Men?

I definitely follow the logic here.  Men love the smell of pumpkin pie.  Women want to attract men.  Therefore . . . women should do their best to smell like pumpkin pie.


Ask For Directions, Guys!

I’m a guy.  I can vouch for my gender’s stubbornness in asking for directions.  I can also vouch for my gender’s cheapness.  So, this should attack the issue:  the average man wastes $3000 in gas by […]


No wonder they sit on Santa’s lap!

Ladies, do you like guys in red?  According to a recent study…YOU DO!  You just may not consciously realize it.  I’m not sure how much truth there is to this, but it sure explains the […]


Ladies, Need A Favor From Your Guy?

Trying to figure out the best time to broach a touchy subject, or ask your guy a favor, or convince him to do something you know he’ll dread?


Holy Cow Guys… Say It Ain’t So!!

Ummmm Beer! Guys, you may want to sit down for this one.  According to historian Jane Peyton, men owe women for…


Things A Guy Will NEVER Say!

We came up with a list of things that will never come out of a man’s mouth…


“Puppy Love”

I was in a relationship once where my girlfriend was more into her dog than me. (This didn’t last long…)  I thought that was odd. Apparently not!!! A recent poll says 1 in 5 adults would […]