Grow up? Are you kidding?

So you may have heard about a new study that males don’t grow up until the age of 43 OR 11 years later than women.  I don’t know, but do we ever grow up?  I […]

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How To Eat A Cupcake Like A Man

Cupcakes are delicious, but it’s hard for a guy to look like a man while eating one. You get frosting on your fingers or even your nose. Maybe you try to avoid the mess by […]


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95% Of These Household Items Are Bought By Women. What Are They?

  Men like them too, but we seldom buy them.  95% of candles are bought by women!  So, come on and fess up guys, your mancard is safe this time.  What’s your favorite scent?  I’ll […]


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Men Versus Women on Social Networking . . . Who Updates More, Unfriends More, and Gets Embarrassed More?

A new study broke down how men and women in the U.S. use social media.  It found women are more likely to use social media, un-friend someone, and update their status daily than men.  They’re […]


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A New Survey Claims That Men Really Like Doing Housework

What!!!!! Yep.  A new survey by Cambridge University found that men really DO like doing housework.  Researchers found that husbands and boyfriends have feelings of guilt when they don’t think they’re doing their share around […]


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Shave Your Back! Just Don’t Tell Us!

I don’t know why, but a new documentary is out in limited release this Friday called “Mansome.”  It’s about “Manscaping,” or grooming. A website called asked women how they preferred their man when it […]


What’s the Most Offensive Thing a Woman Can Call a Man?

  Apparently, men are SO sensitive that the most insulting thing you can say to them is totally FCC-friendly. This isn’t a scientific study or anything, but according to an article on the website, […]


Seven Pets and What They Say About a Guy’s Relationship Potential

We’ve seen lists like this before, and they’re always pretty stupid.  But the dating website has a list of pets and what they say about a guy’s relationship potential.


The Four Real Reasons Men Are Afraid to Get Married

The general consensus is that guys are afraid to get married because they don’t like commitment, or being tied down. But obviously it’s more complicated than that, so came up with a list of […]


Why It’s Good To Be A Man

It could be argued that beautiful women rule the world because even the most powerful man in the world can be ruined by a hot woman. That being said, in general, being a guy is […]