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Sell the Stuff He Gave You After He Left

Sometimes when you break up with someone, you need to get rid of ANYTHING that reminds you of them.  Gifts, clothing, music, jewelry, wedding dress, whatever . . . you need it gone.  And putting […]


Why Men And Women Can’t Be “Just Friends.”

It’s the debate made famous by When Harry Met Sally — can men and women just be friends? Two students at Utah State University have created a three-minute video titled “Why Men and Women Can’t […]


A 20-Year Study Figures Out the Four Types of Marriages

Researchers at Ohio State University just released the results of a 20-YEAR study . . . where they monitored 1,000 married couples for two full decades.  And they found there are four basic types of […]


Guys, score bonus points!

Guys have NO clue how to impress women or score bonus points with them.  I know this, because I am a guy.  (Not sure if you were aware.)  We may FINALLY know how to accomplish […]