Want a McNugget That Looks Remarkably Like George Washington? It’s Available on eBay

Right now, on eBay, a woman from South Dakota is auctioning off a Chicken McNugget that looks remarkably similar to . . . GEORGE WASHINGTON.  No, really, it does.  Everything from the auction will go […]



GRAMMYs Had Better Commercials Than Super Bowl!

  Not only were last night’s GRAMMY performances entertaining, so were the commercials!  In fact, dare I say they were BETTER than those during the Super Bowl last weekend???  My favorites were the ones for […]


Jessica Simpson Is Craving Food From Her Childhood

Jessica Simpson has been reaching back to her childhood with her pregnancy cravings. The star tells Extra, “I had a buttered Pop Tart this morning. I’m eating a lot of stuff that I ate in […]


What’s Under That McRib Outfit?

I must admit that I’ve NEVER had a McRib sandwich at McDonald’s.  This is shocking even to me, as I spent much of my life as a fast food junkie.  Now that it’s back, I’m […]


The McRib is Back . . . Get It Before They Take It Away Again

It’s a duty and a privilege to pass along this piece of life-changing news.  The McRib is back.  I repeat:  The McRib is back.  Nationwide. But, as always, there’s a catch.  McDonald’s STILL refuses to […]


Awesome Fast Food Items…Not Sold In America!!!

America has introduced so many things that have changed the way humans lead their lives all around the world. For example, the world has us to thank for fast food. (And, to the rest of […]


Does Healthy = Happy? Your Kids Will Tell You!

McDonald’s made some McChanges to their McMenu yesterday.  It looks like our buddy Ronald McDonald is redefining the term “happy!”  While McParents will probably LOVE the four major changes, I’m thinking the McKids will have […]


Is Ronald McDonald Retiring?

Long before the says of “Ba-da-bum-bum-bum…I’m lovin’ it” was “You deserve a break today.”  You know who deserves the break TODAY?  Ronald McDonald!  I can’t remember the last time I saw “big red” on a […]


25,000 Big Macs…HUNGRY?

I love fast food.  One look at my tummy and that will be abundantly clear!  But, I don’t love it so much that I keep track of my burgers and even number them.  A guy […]


McDonald’s Is Spending $1 Billion . . . To Look More Like Starbucks

Yesterday, McDonald’s announced that they’ll be spending $1 BILLION to revamp the majority of their 14,000 U.S. locations . . . essentially, to make them look more like Starbucks and less like playgrounds. They’re getting […]