Lysa D’s “KOOL Kollective” – Video Of The Day (1/14/12)

Today’s KOOL Kollective artist is old school and knows how to liven a party. Her DJing skills far surpass DJ Lysa D.’s.


“Paperback Believer”

Last month, I showed you a video mash-up of “Stayin’ Alive” from the [lastfm]Bee Gees[/lastfm] & “Another Brick In The Wall” from [lastfm]Pink Floyd[/lastfm].  Today, enjoy one that combines “Paperback Writer” from [lastfm]The Beatles[/lastfm] and […]


“Another Gibb In The Wall”

Are you familiar with “mash-ups?”  That’s when two songs – usually of different genres and styles – are mixed together.  This may be the BEST one I’ve heard yet!  The [lastfm]Bee Gees[/lastfm]’ “Stayin’ Alive” and [lastfm]Pink Floyd[/lastfm]’s “Another […]