2014-02-25 10_15_24-Holding Trunks_ When Mary Met Mila at the San Diego Zoo - YouTube

Trunks Of Love

I recently read a story that claims elephants have the same emotions as humans. Everything from family to mourning the loss of another elephant. They are pretty amazing. This is a video of an elephant […]

94.5 KOOL FM–02/25/2014

Singer/Song writer Paul McCartney and his wife Linda

Remembering Linda McCartney [Photos]

Remembering Linda…view gallery Photographer, activist, cook, singer, and musician, Linda McCartney would have been 70 this past Saturday, September 24th. Born Linda Louise Eastman in New York in 1941 to a wealthy family, Linda studied […]


The Past Lives Of David Letterman

It’s no secret that I’m a big David Letterman fan.  I find his show FAR more interesting than Jay Leno‘s.  Most people know Dave did standup in LA and was also a weatherman in Indianapolis.  But, […]