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A Pretty Cool Wedding Proposal!

Some guy told his girlfriend that his brother wanted them to act in his action film.  During the filming, he popped the question.  Her reaction says it all.

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Nancy Wilson Got Married!

Congratulations to Nancy Wilson of Heart.  She just got married over the weekend!  The lucky dude is Geoff Bywater, a FOXmusic executive.  I was trying to remember if Nancy talked about her beau when we […]


Facebook is Now Involved in One Out of Every Three Divorces

One of the underrated side effects of Facebook is that it’s a HOMEWRECKER.  And its homewrecking powers just keep growing. In December of 2010, a study found that Facebook was cited in one out of […]


Another Way Marriage Saves Your Life

Married People are 250% More Likely to Live a Long Life After Heart Surgery! There have been dozens of studies that have shown the health benefits of marriage.  Longer life . . . less stress […]


A Survey Figures Out the Age When Married Couples Stop Kissing

Here’s a reminder to give your husband or wife a kiss tonight.  Just do it.  You don’t want to become a statistic. A new survey out of the U.K. tried to figure out the age […]


Your Wife’s Nagging Will Help You Survive a Heart Attack?

See, when your wife nags you, she’s not doing it to be irritating . . . she’s doing it to SAVE YOUR LIFE.  Yeah . . . that’s gotta be the reason.  According to a […]


Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Are Registered for $172,000 Worth of Wedding Gifts!

Are you headed to the wedding, but aren’t sure what to buy the happy couple?  You’re in luck, because they’ve registered at some joint called Gearys of Beverly Hills.


Has OJ Found “True Love” is Prison?

If his past actions weren’t proof enough, here’s more evidence that OJ Simpson is just plain nuts: