Things A Man Should Never Do In The Company Of A Woman

The editors of Marie Claire advise against bad tips, blow-drying, and cleaning your gun. Here.s what women say a Man Should Never Do in the Company of a Woman.  By the way, feel free to […]

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How To Eat A Cupcake Like A Man

Cupcakes are delicious, but it’s hard for a guy to look like a man while eating one. You get frosting on your fingers or even your nose. Maybe you try to avoid the mess by […]


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A New Survey Claims That Men Really Like Doing Housework

What!!!!! Yep.  A new survey by Cambridge University found that men really DO like doing housework.  Researchers found that husbands and boyfriends have feelings of guilt when they don’t think they’re doing their share around […]


Seven Pets and What They Say About a Guy’s Relationship Potential

We’ve seen lists like this before, and they’re always pretty stupid.  But the dating website has a list of pets and what they say about a guy’s relationship potential.


A Survey Finds the “Perfect Man” is Six Feet Tall, Makes $76,000-a-Year, Eats Meat, Loves Shopping, and Calls His Mom

Ladies… what does the perfect man look like?  Well, a clothing company called Austin Reed surveyed 2,000 women to figure out the qualities that make up the “PERFECT MAN.”  See how your man stacks up.


Things Guys Think Would Be Awesome

A man’s brain is always working and thinking of new things that would make life better. Anytime you hang out with your buddies, someone will always ask a question that begins with, “You know what […]


The Four Real Reasons Men Are Afraid to Get Married

The general consensus is that guys are afraid to get married because they don’t like commitment, or being tied down. But obviously it’s more complicated than that, so came up with a list of […]


Why Men And Women Can’t Be “Just Friends.”

It’s the debate made famous by When Harry Met Sally — can men and women just be friends? Two students at Utah State University have created a three-minute video titled “Why Men and Women Can’t […]


Half of Women Would Rather Get the Flu Themselves Than Have to Take Care of Their Sick Husbands

It’s a scientific fact that when grown men get sick, they immediately revert back to being spoiled, needy eight-year-old boys.  And their WIVES have to deal with it. A new survey by Walgreens shows JUST […]


Why It’s Good To Be A Man

It could be argued that beautiful women rule the world because even the most powerful man in the world can be ruined by a hot woman. That being said, in general, being a guy is […]